Many companies must assume financial risks based on their industry and business model. This means there is also a potential for financial losses. Businesses can protect themselves from these losses and help maintain business operations with credit risk insurance.

What is credit risk insurance?

Let’s start by defining credit risk. Credit risk is the risk of losing money due to a borrower’s inability to pay back a loan. Credit risk insurance is designed to safeguard the business from such final losses. Let’s say you offer a credit line or provide accounts receivable when selling products to your customers. They are supposed to pay their balance within a predetermined time frame, usually 30/60/90 days. If a buyer eventually defaults on payment, credit risk insurance can cover you to help alleviate the financial burden so that your business can continue to operate.

How does credit risk insurance work?

The first step is to set a credit limit. Before committing to a line of credit with a customer, you should perform a credit check and dictate a credit limit. Evaluate your customer’s creditworthiness by assessing their company’s past and current information. Ensure you are aware of all the risks because credit limits will be considered when determining your insurance coverage.

If the customer fails to repay you, credit insurance may also assist with debt collection. If debt collection is unsuccessful, your credit insurance company will compensate you based on the terms and conditions of the agreement.

Benefits of Credit risk insurance

The most significant benefit of credit risk insurance is that you get financial protection against clients who don’t pay their debts. This protection enables your business to continue running smoothly with a healthy cash flow and balance sheet. It can also present opportunities for growth, affording you the option to approach lenders for more products because you have debt coverage.

Most insurance companies help you calculate the risk involved in giving your customer credit. They help you set a credit limit, and they continue monitoring the creditworthiness of your client and notify you of any developments along the way. 

This enables you to avoid risks that you cannot afford as a business.

Whether you own a large corporation or a small business, you can benefit from a good credit insurance policy.