Business owners want their business to grow. They are also keenly aware that there are risks associated with growth. When there are new customers and these customers are in new markets, more people are asking for credit and for credit limits to be extended. This is good because it means more customers, but it also means additional risk. Growth can stretch a business to the point where its cash flow is stretched thin and is not as able to bounce back after a loss. This is why trade credit risk insurance is so important for growing businesses.

Trade credit risk insurance can also help a business looking to get funding. When a business is looking to get funding, it may present all of the credit it has extended to vendors as proof of future revenue. Of course, until the customer pays the vendor, all of that future revenue is hypothetical. However, if the vendor has insurance, they have something that backs them up saying that even if their customers fall through, they are still going to be covered for the products and services that they have sold.

Of course, as with any insurance product, a business must exercise due diligence to make sure that they are getting an insurance product that meets their needs. Being over-insured could mean paying for insurance that will never be used. However, being underinsured may mean that a business is paying for insurance that will not adequately cover them when the time comes. 

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